Tips and Information for Shabbat Across CBI Hosts

Create any menu you want.

Last year we had a wide variety of menus at hosts' homes: homemade meals, pizza delivery, pot luck, catering, and more. We will have challah available to pick up at the synagogue for each host. Do what works for you!

You will be given a guest list as the event approaches.

One week before the event, you will be given a list of your guests. Your guests will also receive your information. You will be responsible for contacting them with details about Shabbat at your home (arrival time, meal plan, special directions, etc.). Please also feel free to include any potential CBI members at your Shabbat. A suggestion is encouraging guests to bring their own Shabbat candles and each guest/family can light their own candles and fill your home with Shabbat light.

Have fun!

We had an overwhelmingly positive response from participants last year. This is a great way to grow and strengthen our kehliah kedoshah and we are thrilled you are considering being a part of our event!